The harmony between the body and the mind has been one of the great searches of the human being, to achieve a perfect balance, that is why nowadays there is much talk about having healthy eating habits that keep the body internally healthy and do physical exercise constantly to clear the mind and eliminate toxins that can be very harmful to the body in general.

Eastern cultures seem to have a greater advance in this regard, some even claim that physical illnesses can also be triggered by emotional aspects that block our thoughts and the energy that should flow perfectly.

Being overweight is one of the biggest problems in the Western world, which brings many ailments not only in relation to physical condition, but also greatly affects emotionality by feeling little accepted and desired. That is why aesthetic medicine has managed to advance in various treatments that greatly improve self-esteem and of course health.

Gastric sleeve in Tijuana: surgery to harmonize the mind and body

Being overweight is one of the most serious physical health problems that also affects mental health and it is possible to treat it through gastric sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy, in the As the medical specialist, removes part of the stomach to form a tube with the rest of the stomach area, considerably reducing the size of the stomach thereby also reducing the hormones that control appetite and also insulin.

As a result of this procedure, the patient will feel satisfied by eating less food and will of course not feel as hungry as before.

This treatment is not reversible and it will be necessary for you to change your eating habits and commit to continuous physical exercise in order to significantly improve your health. 

Holistic dentist Tijuana: a global perspective of the patient

Holistic dentistry seeks to understand the general aspects of the patient, since, from a person’s oral health, some important things about their physical and mental health can be recognized. Some oral diseases are triggered by the presence of another systemic disease.

A holistic dentist in Tijuana Performs procedures with materials that do not generate other types of discomfort in the patient or that affect the patient’s health, for example, avoiding the use of metals for the restoration of the teeth, changing these for biocompatible materials such as ceramics and composites, zirconium implants, and the use of less invasive medications for the body, which cause contraindications.

Holistic dentistry offers alternative and quality treatments, in order to maintain respect for the patient’s body, as well as respect for the environment, this is how materials are offered to the patient for treatments, free of polluting compounds.

The comprehensive treatment of the patient is one of the main objectives of aesthetic medicine in all its branches, in order to achieve a balance between body and mind.