How to give a better appearance to your face

If you want your face to look different, you will have excellent ones applying the suggestions that we are going to give you, since they do not imply excessive costs and without a doubt you will feel with a total renovation that will surely make you feel more secure . 

Change your haircut

Something that gives a total change and a better appearance to the face is to change your haircut. If you have worn it long for years, get the advice of a professional and get a cut that is right for you.

In case you want it to stay long, you can consider a new hair dye, a wavy or a straightener. 

Men can also vary their haircut and also use the beard as a makeup to change their look. It is interesting to visit a barber and give it different shapes, taking advantage of the fact that it grows quickly.

Short, long, padlocked, dyed in different shades with a very natural appearance, the beard can be one of the best resources to give a better appearance to the face in just a few minutes!

Get a new brow design

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, an eyebrow design can help change your face almost immediately. Make sure that this beauty treatment is done by professionals.

You will notice that your look immediately clears, achieving a change that can take up to 5 years off your back, really fantastic!


again See an expert dentist. Nothing will improve the expression on your face more than a new smile. There are many ways of doing it. Through orthodontics, to straighten your teeth, through veneers if they are too damaged, or with one-to-one dental implants that feel and look just like natural teeth. 

The dental implants Tijuana are actually famous throughout the country for its naturalness and by their results and cost, reasonable truth. You cannot imagine the wonder of the results, you will immediately notice how your face changes significantly. 

Out of wrinkles!

If you want a very fast treatment to subtract at least ten years from your age with a Fillers Tijuana

Depending on your taste and need, you can inject Botox, or make a dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid, to give volume to cheekbones, chin and lips, or Radiesse, which is injected through a small needle under the skin. 

This preparation helps to stimulate the natural collagen produced by your body, with transformations that last a year or more. It can be used both on the hands and on the face, achieving immediate and lasting results. 

What if on your next vacation you go to Tijuana, and you come back with a real change, not only in your attitude, but also in your physique, everyone will notice it! They will also want to have a similar treatment. Of course, make sure you have the best doctors and clinics that recommend you, in addition to following all the recommendations and care that they have given you, in this way your treatment will be totally successful, giving a better appearance to your face in a few days.