Teeth Whitening

Many people regarding their dental health desire to have white teeth that look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is that thanks to the media this has led to imitate certain features that famous people wear, just as is the teeth whitening, an aesthetic treatment different from a root canal in Tijuana. This tooth whitening treatment is one of the most popular procedures in the dental industry, so it is essential that the dentists who perform this method know how to handle the whitening agents and follow the proper protocol so as not to damage the teeth.

Tooth whitening consists of improving dental aesthetics by whitening the teeth one or more shades, according to the specific needs and characteristics of each patient.

The work that the dentist does is to eliminate the superficial stains of the teeth caused by external factors such as smoking or consumption of certain drinks and foods; even poor dental hygiene causes the process of discoloration.

There are different techniques to achieve dental whitening, which are:

Professional whitening

The specialist uses bleaching agents based on hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide; these components are found in the gel applied to the teeth. What this type of gel does is to penetrate through oxygen into the enamel and then into the dentine to remove or decompose the lying compounds to lighten the teeth. In many cases, this type of gels can cause sensitivity, so it is advisable to use special pastes for sensitivity. After the application of this tool, the dentist will use a device to improve the results.

Currently, there is treatment through photoactivation; this procedure accelerates the whitening process so that in the duration of treatment, the teeth achieve a tooth whitening of four to ten shades, this through LED light. The plus of the photoactivation is that the whitening is done simultaneously in all the teeth and not one by one.

Home whitening under professional supervision

In this case, the dentist will give the patient transparent covers in which the patient will place the bleaching product so that later the person will put the transparent mold appropriate to his denture. It is crucial to make it clear that this whitening is carried out under supervision since not everyone can make use of this treatment, apart from the fact that it can produce dental sensitivity. Likewise, the dentist must provide the necessary amount of the product.

Home whitening

There are many home-made methods on the internet to achieve teeth whitening, where it is advisable first to analyze and if possible, consult a specialist on which solution can be used. The most popular home methods are the use of sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, brushing with coconut oil, cleaning with activated carbon, use of turmeric, among others.

These natural treatments do not have the same effect on the dentine as professional teeth whitening does but only act on the enamel of the tooth.

If you are looking for a fast and effective whitening you can opt for those performed by dentists, and if you need to keep your teeth white you can ask for some treatment to care for the color of your teeth, but always taking advice from professionals to avoid damage that could harm your oral health.