All people always seek to improve the appearance of their skin and eliminate the annoying imperfections that are generated with the passage of time and the impact of external agents. The face requires a lot of care since this area has sensitive skin that, being constantly exposed, suffers a lot of damage.

Every year all the areas related to aesthetic medicine are prepared to meet and apply the new trends and preferences that men and women want to perfect in their body and of course which are the treatments that they consider much more effective. 

Perfecting the face with botox in Tijuana

The application of botox Tijuana is a procedure that is in the top 5 of the facial improvement treatments most used in the world. People choose it for being a minimally invasive process that does not generate negative effects on the skin and that achieves an efficient result in just 72 hours, achieving a total effect in 10 days. 

 Botox in Tijuana is mainly used for people who always want to look younger, and this procedure is right to reduce wrinkles and give you a healthy, vigorous and smooth appearance to the skin. The effect occurs when the Botulinum toxin that we know as botox, inhibits the molecule that produces the contraction of the facial muscles, making them relax and not generate the wrinkle at the time of contraction.

Of course, these types of procedures must be performed by qualified personnel, who must know the measures and precautions necessary for the treatment to be entirely for the patient.


Other facial perfecting treatments; dental braces Tijuana

A perfect smile is the complement for a perfect face, which is why having a smile design done to a dental braces treatment in Tijuana Will allow you to take a big step towards achieving a perfect face. Orthodontic treatments are not only performed to straighten the teeth, but also improve the appearance of the entire face, by modifying the upper and lower arch so that the teeth can join correctly, the teeth and jaws are aligned giving a positive change to your face.

A dental braces treatment in Tijuana performed by experts is an excellent choice to improve the appearance of the face, since these orthodontists know very well how to achieve balance and harmony in all areas of the face, correcting the misalignment of the oral area. to highlight the smile with total symmetry.

The modification that is generated in the teeth and jaws after orthodontics affects the angles between the lips and the nose, so the latter can look different, improving the general appearance of the face. On the other hand, when the lower jaw has a predominance, an attempt is made to correct this irregularity between the lower and upper jaw with orthodontics, the facial features may look much more proportionate and acquire greater finesse and softness.