Tips for a successful liposculpture

Liposculpture is one of the riskiest aesthetic operations due to its high probability of infections, or the results are not as expected, you have to have realistic expectations when you want to undergo a plastic surgery Tijuana like a liposculpture you have to know that the results are not permanent and may vary If you get fat or you get pregnant, if you want the results to be long-lasting you have to maintain your good eating habits, exercise and generally have an active life.

How to know if I am a candidate for a liposculpture?

It can not be done to people who are overweight, due to the scarring of those who have diabetes, people over 70 years old, hepatitis, anemia, those who have vitamin K deficiency, or lesser known diseases such as hemophilia or von Willebrand.

It is a good option for people who fall into the age range and that neither diet nor exercise can lose accumulated fat.

How can I prepare for this surgery?

If you already have the place, the doctor and the preoperative exams and very important the appointment, you can prepare yourself in this way, leave 2 weeks before the alcoholic drinks, 3 weeks before the cigarette, have a correct feeding for 1 month before, and a week before eating fruits and vegetables with vitamin k. Certain days before you have to stop some medications, but you can talk to your doctor.

How long is the operation?

It is a relatively lengthy procedure (compared to a bichectomy that can last up to 15 minutes) the liposculpture can last about one or two hours.

Being accompanied by a friend or relative can make your nerves decrease during the operation and unconsciously you are more relaxed. It is good to have someone to take you home and be with you in the most difficult moments of the operation that is just when you have just left the operating room.

How will it be after surgery?

Right after the surgery your skin will be very delicate and the wounds will be freshly closed, so you have to be very careful. Right after the operation when you are in the operating room, you will put a girdle so that everything is in order and the body adapts to the new shape that your waistline will have, which will also prevent inflammation and the appearance of bruises. The girdle will be worn for one month day and night, the patient does not have to do physical activity for 2 to 4 weeks. If you are a person who is very fond of expert sports or much strength, you have to rest from them for at least 2 weeks, no matter how small the wound is, it is not a good idea to avoid the doctor’s recommendations and have to return to close your wound again.

When can I go back to work?

After the operation, you will need a few days of rest to recover, it can be enough within 6 days or depending on if there were complications in the operation your extension or type of work may be necessary for 2 weeks. Although it is not very usual you can do surgery during the summer or your holiday season, so you do not have to miss work, you may even get discounts, this type of surgery is usually done in winter to be ready for summer.

When will the changes be noticed?

You do not have to be impatient, the results are not seen in the second, if you feel disappointed because the weeks you do not feel like a model catwalk you have to remember that it is not magic, that when you had the talk with the doctor told you that you had to have realistic wishes and that the results had to be maintained, but do not worry about the month the changes begin to become noticeable.

Massages after the operation

In some cases they will recommend soft massages a few weeks after surgery in the treated area to help the body readjust to the new shape your body will acquire, it also helps with bruising and for the body to recover, relax and lower the swelling after the operation even if you do not go with a masseuse anyway these will go down little by little over the weeks, but if you want to rush the process this can be an excellent way, first ask your doctor when it can be a good time for this.

What are the risks

The first risk is run since the anesthesia is placed, if this is your first surgery and you have never been anesthetized before then you can know that there is a 2% chance of dying even less, but the more surgeries are done at the same time dangerous becomes a surgery and the probability of dying in the operating room is high. The most common is an infection or an excess of fat extraction, but they are things that you do not have to worry about if you resort to an expert.